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Here’s another film I really enjoyed on the first viewing but lost its impact dramatically on subsequent viewings.
This interesting story was quite a topic of conversation when it came out 15 years ago. By now, it’s probably considered fairly tame, and nothing that shocking or special. Bridget Fonda and Jennifer Jason Leigh star with Leigh getting the juicier role as the wacko, “Hedy Carlson.” Character studies of people like her are usually entertaining. Leigh has made a career of playing totally immoral women. She also shows a lot of skin in this movie, something else she likes to do in her films.
Fonda’s character, “Allie Jones,” is no Mary Poppins, either, or should I say Fonda isn’t anybody pure. The movie shows several scenes of her having sex with her boyfriend. This actress isn’t shy, either.
The movie starts building its suspense about halfway through when Leigh – the roommate and admirer of Fonda – begins to lose her girlfriend to that guy….and decides to do something about it.
There really isn’t a lot of violence in this movie, mainly just at the end. It’s a good suspense movie, though, which builds and builds. It’s good for one viewing.

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Single White Female 1992 720p WEB-DL
Single White Female 1992 720p WEB-DL
Single White Female 1992 720p WEB-DL
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